Sacandaga Sportsmen’s Day: Seminars & Speakers

Guests will be able to choose two sessions to attend. Information is supplied by the session leaders:

Terry Bice: Archery Hunting from Beginners to Trophies

terry biceIf you have ever wanted to start bow hunting or if you already hunt but want to know how to find that “trophy buck”, this class is for you.   Terry has many years of hunting under his belt, as well as great success finding trophy bucks.   Terry will share his experience and many tips to get you on your way to a successful hunt. Terry will also give you a test to see if you have “OBHD” (obsessive bow hunting disorder)

Gary Hodgson: Making Useful Tools and Items

gary hodgsonGary was a Forest Ranger for 35 years and used his own hand made birch bark canoe on the job which turned into a wonderful conversation piece. Every year, Gary’s sessions get a ton of positive press in the surveys. One comment by a teenager “…that was cool.” tells the story. Gary is one of those always full, always popular speakers you won’t want to miss. Gary loves to build things from scratch and has killed a bear with a homemade bow and arrow and has made five homemade flint lock rifles with which he has killed well over 30 deer.  He loves taking things from the woods and putting them to good use, build from scratch and not buy is the motto. All of his hobbies are outdoor and hunting related. He is an accomplished tool maker; a gun smith; canoe maker; knife maker……………. maker of widgets; ditties; gadgets and “knitter of yarns” and such. The things you usually don’t think about, he has. Things to make your time in the outdoors more fruitful, comfortable and enjoyable. Some old school , some new school, some hybrid. Froes, marteaus, moccasins, chaps, hats, bear grease, turkey claws and much more. To Ax or to hatchet …the how, why and where.  The Pack, haversack or possible/ which is your bag?  Come on in and sit a spell, you will amazed.

Bob Phillips: The Forgotten Art of Small Game Hunting

bob phillipsWe often place way too much emphasis on big game hunting. Everyone likes to tag a big buck, but the small game hunter probably does more shooting, goes afield more often and may even put more meat on the table than the big game enthusiast. Besides, small game hunting is a whole lot of fun. Bob Phillips grew up in the home of a gunsmith and outdoorsman, who was also a son of a blacksmith/gunsmith and outdoorsman. Bob has been a DEC hunter’s safety instructor, archery instructor for a number of summer camps and Boy Scout troops. The past 8 years, as outdoor columnist for the Lake Champlain Weekly magazine in Plattsburgh, he has written over 400 magazine articles on all aspects of the outdoor experience. Hiking, canoeing, fishing, hunting and trapping are all given coverage, as well as some of the contemporary issues facing sportsmen today. Bob has been a pastor for 38 years, he has also written a series of devotionals, The Adirondack Devotional Series with three titles being in print called How big Is Your Packbasket?, Out of the Packbasket!, and Packbasket Deer Camp! Bob also speaks at sportsmen’s breakfasts, dinners and does seminars on different aspects of the outdoors at sportsmen’s shows and men’s retreats. Bob writes an Adirondack blog found at on the outdoors and outdoor photography, as well as frequent articles for the Lake Champlain Weekly magazine.

Allen Aardsma: Carving — Not your Thanksgiving Turkey

allen aardsmaAlways wanted to carve, but never knew how? Then this is the seminar for you! Allen will give you a brief overview of how a carving is made, followed by actual demonstrations of “roughing out” your carving down to the “major detail.” He will also have a complete carving display, which will include finished carvings, carvings in progress, tools and materials used, along with recommended resource books. There will also be a question and answer time. Allen and his wife, Robin, live in Jay, NY. They have three daughters and one son. He has a heart for evangelism and discipleship, and through the years, has had the privilege of serving in a variety of Christian ministries.

Dan Ladd: Whitetail Deer Hunting in the Adirondacks

dad laddDan has hunted in the Adirondacks for 32 years and enjoys many forms of outdoor recreation in this northern-most section of New York State. His writings appear weekly in The Chronicle newspaper in Glens Falls, monthly in Outdoors Magazine and occasionally in other publications including New York Outdoor News as well as on a number of Web sites.  Dan has been the web author of since 2000.

Joe Hackett: Adirondack Brook Trout Fishing

joe hackettAdirondack Brook Trout fishing, where to find them in the wilderness.   Some claim that “Trout don’t live in no ugly places, in the Adirondacks.  A comprehensive slide show of where to go and how to catch them.  In just a few minutes Joe will help improve both your angling skills. He will also help you to discover some of the best backcountry, adventures in the park.Now beginning his 34th professional season, Joe Hackett has earned a living as an Adirondack guide, introducing guests to a variety of Adirondack adventures. Over the years he has developed a following among anglers who appreciate the solitude of remote wild lands and the fight of a fish at the end of a rod.
Joe has a weekly outdoor column in over a dozen North Country newspapers and regularly contributes to both regional and national publications. While Joe may know the finer points of canoeing, fly fishing, playing and living in the wilderness, his greatest pleasure is enjoying time with his wife, Maria, and their two daughters.

Steve George: Ice Fishing

Capt. Stephen P. George is a professional wildlife biologist, NYS Licensed Guide and USCG Captain. He operates North Country Ecological Services, Inc. a environmental and wildlife consulting firm as well as Allwater Guide Service a year round fishing guide service. Fishing service range from fly fishing for trout on streams to walleye fishing on Great Sacandaga Lake and ice fishing local waters.

Sarah McDaniels: Birds of Prey

sarah mcdanielsA nature lover my entire life, I began working with birds when I was 12 years old, and began giving lectures on rainforest deforestation when I was 13.At a young age I decided I wanted to go to Costa Rica and Peru and was fortunate enough to be able to make those trips a reality. I traveled from coast to coast in Costa Rica; hiking cloud forests, rain forests, volcanoes, beaches and plantations. I also spent some time at a research center in Peru where I assisted in the research that was being done on the breeding habits of the Blue and Gold Macaws in the wild. I was able to bare witness to a new pair nesting in a new species of tree for the first time ever. It was an amazing trip! I am a general Falconer in my 7th year, enjoying every second spent in the field with my amazing redtail Tres. I am also a vet tech with avian specialty. I am a staunch advocate of preserving North American wildlife in its purest form. I devote my time, energy and resources to provide care and rehabilitation for injured and orphaned wildlife. My goal is to successfully return the animal back to its native environment. In addition to Federal Falconry and rehabilitation permits I also possess my federal education permit. So, I am fortunate enough to share my time with a few non-releasable hawks, owls and falcons. These birds have become ambassadors for their species and help to educate and inspire people to appreciate these wonderful creatures. 
In July of 2011, after being called upon by local law enforcement and the ASPCA to assist with a large number of birds that were surrendered during a raid on a local rescue I was asked to become a partner with the ASPCA as a bird handler to respond where needed across the country.