Sacandaga Sportsmen’s Day Gallery

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Thank you to all of you who visited with us Jan. 9 for our seventh-annual Sacandaga Sportsmen’s Day. More than 300 hunters, fishermen and lovers of the outdoors were able to hear more about their sports and hobbies from experts in wildlife, fishing and wilderness survival, including a featured presentation on whitetail deer from outdoors photographer and writer Charles Alsheimer.

Many vendors were set up, dozens of prizes were awarded, and guests were able to dine on venison, wild boar, duck, elk and alligator for lunch. Most importantly, 55 men and women indicated they’d made decisions to follow Christ. Praise God for allowing his Word to shine through into the hearts of these men and women.

Mark your calendar: The eighth-annual Sacandaga Sportsmen’s Day will be held Jan. 7, 2017.